In order to participate and have your Gamertag appear on the Leaderborads you Must add the Gamertag “ForzaHotLap” as a friend on Xbox using the Gamertag you intend to compete with.

XBox Profile ForzaHotLap <- follow url to add xbox profile


Complete the following form. by registering you will be added to the roster, though you will only appear on the leaderboards if you have ran the event in the given week (unless you had a time that you couldn’t beat previously)

Every Thursday at 5pm EST 10pm UTC the previous weeks hot lap ends and the new week begins. A new track and car division will be posted shortly thereafter. The leaderboards will be updated within 1-5 hours after the event has ended. There may be times due to unforeseen circumstances that these updates may be delayed. If this were to occur, check over at The Forza Hot Lap group on Facebook for details

When competing in the weekly hot lap, be sure to use the Car division and track layout indicated for that weeks contest. you can use any assist but remember if you use the friction assist, it’s pointless to compete as all of your times will be dirty. You can use any tune but the car must be within the divisional homologated spec. If they are not, you won’t show up on the correct leaderboard. e.g. running the bmw isetta with a S class tune won’t allow the car to be in the major micros division leaderboard. Please note, on rare occasions a specific car with a specific power index may be suggested, this will be clearly indicated on that weeks contest details. e.g. honda odyssey (which is in the forza specials division) with a A700 tune. This will lump the car into a track leaderboard with every possible car out of divisonal spec into that leaderboard. it will be taken into consideration that you may have ran a car on that track prior to the contest but will check prior to posting these oddball events to ensure that there aren’t any times so everyone can show up with the correct car.

Currently there are two divisions. When starting for the first time, you will be placed in the Pro division. In order to move to the Elite division you must be in the top 2 or 3 for the given month depending upon the number of drivers in each division. Some months may see less drivers so to create a balance between the leagues this number may be adjusted. If you feel you should have moved up and did not, it is suggested you try harder the following month. The winner in each division every month wins the following: a big pat on the back, a fantastic meal they prepare themselves, and some bragging rights. Stop wasting your time reading this and go run some laps.

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