If you’ve made it to this page, you’re either an above average Forza Motorsport driver or a bot or someone who was forced to go here because someone gave them a link to go here and now they’re reading this and questioning what the purpose of these words are. if you’re the first and there’s nothing you’d rather do than spend a day at the track but can’t afford it and aren’t healthy enough to cart around in your 1000 HP death trap, but are able to turn on your television set or computer monitor and pick up your controller or sit behind your steering wheel with a fancy dashboard with buttons and fans that blow when you get some data from a udp stream to make it seem like wind is blowing through your flowing golden locks to simulate wind, and if you like to race and like to race with others that like to race don’t mind racing at odd times since you live on the other side of the world check out   tell them this referrer link sent you and win a pint glass that you pay for in their store that you can fill up during the races that you wanted to race with a group of racers that like racing.

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